All the Tensions Rises Between India and China

Fighter jets are going to attack
Photo By @uxgun

The two Asian giants India and China are clashing . the situation is going worst day by day .we can say both countries are going ahead for the war than its defiantly true. Both the Leader loss their popularity among their nation people . now they are trying to save their ass. In China, internal political war is going and it is giving tension to Xi so diverting the mind of its people because of that they are poking India Japan and other neighboring countries.

If China and India Jump into war it will be the disaster for Asia and profitable thing for Europe

If War Happened Between India and China

no one is going into profit if war happens. it could turn into a third world war as well because in south china sea china is in tension in this reigion.china and India will fight into the high Himalayan region like Ladakh Tibet NathuLA Chola Etc. China is harassing its neighbors

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