How to be good programmer within 1 month

If you want to be a good programmer than you have to work on lots of things.

programing is easy need no glasses to see
Improve and grow
  1. Boost your imagination
  2. Improve logic solving
  3. Solve more problems
  4. Practice Syntax of language
  5. Read documentation

Boost your imagination

When you boost your imagination. It will always give you a better results . Boosting the imagination means see and imagine the logic behind what’s happening and why these things are happening. If you develop that approach in your mind it will increase your curiosity of seeing things. You will feel more changes in your self.

Improve logic solving

If you feel yourself not that much logically strong. Than you should start logic solving problems. You can start aptitude practices. Or solving mathematical problems. I highly recommend you to strengthen you in sets and algebra

Solve more problems

Always try to think logically. By doing mathematical problems with coding will definitely help you to be good programmer

Practice Syntax of language

When you practice Syntax of an language you will find approaches of doing things methods of doing things as well. As long as you practice you will become more better day by day

Read Documentation

Make habit of reading documentation so that it will help you in understanding the language concepts and approach of doing things. You can purchase the course from udemy etc and from YouTube as well. If you are learning from lectures it’s very fine but documentation contains every single things but in lecture they can teach what they want. Watch lectures but don’t forget to read the documentation if you want to become master of language.

In conclusion I just only want to say to all the new programmer don’t run so fast give yourself a time and do practice as much as you can. If you give 3 hours a daily to this programming you will find a dramatic change in your skills as well as in your thought process

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