If Donald Trump loose the election it will be a good sign

Country diplomacy adjust according to the first person of the country. So that the elections are very important for the world.

Donald Trump in geopolitics

If we say Donald Trump is a stupid Poltician . It is not the wrong statement but he is the man who put the nation intrest first. If Donald Trump loose three country will gain the benefit. If he wins three country can come up with America.

Flag of usa

China is playing a role in American domestic poltics

If you see more clashes happen over and over that didn’t seen before in American history. Riots are happening . China is provoking public sentiment by using social media propoganda to create an Political crisis in America for their better good.Donald Trump is now too aggressive towards china. That’s why china wants a person who is not rude towards china like Donald Trump.

Russian problem if Trump loose

Putin wants Donald Trump to be Re elect because Putin knows Russia is suffering from financial crisis . Donald Trump will open their hands for Russia and he will give some help regarding restrictions on Russia. And Trump knows if we don’t help Russia right now Russia will go into China’s hand which means USA has two enemies and in long run USA can not hold two enemies by their own.

Pakistan and Iran will be happy if Trump loose

If Trump loose the election. Iran know USA will become soft towards them than they can deal a Nuclear agreement according to their intrest. And trade ban will become weaken. That tThe Indian Japan and South Asian angleime. If we talk about Pakistan Democrats always favor the Pakistan at any cost. They will start funding them again it’s a highly possible chance.

The Indian Japan and South Asian angle

India Japan South Asia and America is becoming key partners As well as Australia. But if trump loose American diplomacy will become soft towards china and India ,Japan, Vietnam have to pay the price if Donald Trump don’t reelect after that you can clearly say China is the new global power because of American soft diplomacy towards china.

This article is not an election campaign. It is the geopolitical equations if Trump loose the election which country will go into profit and which will go into loose.

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