What does happen ? When a boy face breakup

When breakup hits it is really painful sometimes the person can go into depression or become an addict because of this so before doing the breakup just check their mental health.

How to check if you are in post breakup trauma or shock state?

Answer of this question is very easy some psychological changes you can see in that person.

  1. He will get irritate very quickly.
  2. Can’t focus on the work
  3. Blaming himself for all the things
  4. Crying and high temper
  5. Lock himself at the room

If you see these symptoms in yourself than you are facing a post breakup situation. It always happen after 15 days or 1 months of breakup.

How to overcome this situation

Try to spend more gt more time with friends and try to move on but sometimes it is really difficult thing to do but believe me you can do it. You can achieve nothing in living in the past.

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